How to check your kid's Halloween candy for any traces of THC

We understand at Think Hemp Chicks that Halloween can be a stressful time of year for some parents when it comes to their kid’s safety about their Halloween treats. As all good parents want during this spooky time of year is to make sure that their kid’s treats don’t come with any tricks.

We understand that consenting adults that are over 21 who want to eat THC-infused edibles have every right to do so, but it is always a different story when it comes to your kiddos, especially when someone else gives it to them without your knowledge. We have come up with a few tips for checking your kid’s Halloween candy this year that’ll make parents all around feel more comfortable about what their kids are eating. 

Check the wrappings

This might seem like a given, but there is so much more than checking to see if a wrapper is unsealed or not. Check to see if there are any differences in the candy wrapper; such as, if it is misspelled, does the character or logo on the wrapper look any different. Regular candy and infused THC candy look very similar in packaging because the candy is trying to mimic the ones you see in your everyday grocery store, just with an added amount of THC.  So, the packaging will most likely always look very similar. Always check for those small differences. 

Most of the time, dispensaries and locally owned THC/CBD companies will make their own edible candy. So, if you see a sealed clear bag with a random company’s logo on it that you don't recognize, make sure to read the fine print. It's most likely infused with THC. 

On wrappers, it should also have a percentage or mg amount of THC. Sometimes, there is even the recommended amount to take on these wrappers. If you see any of these indications of your child’s Halloween candy, it is a good indication to remove it from their bag of sweets.


Smell it

Sometimes the easiest way to tell if your kids Halloween candy might be infused with THC, if you’re suspicious of it, is to smell it. Sometimes, infused candy can smell like weed. That is an easy way to tell that your child’s candy isn’t for them to eat. 

We hope that this eases your nerves this Halloween season. Though we at Think Hemp Chicks are cannabis lovers, some of us are mothers and fathers who fully understand that cannabis is not for children. If you have any indication that your child may have ingested THC, make no hesitations, and take the proper precautions. 

Happy Halloween, and safe trick or treating everyone!